Redemption Network is a growing and diverse network of churches across Wales who are committed to the following three things:

1. PROFILE trafficking

Human trafficking flourishes in the shadows. One of the best things we can do is shine light on this injustice. Churches who are part of the network help to do this by ensuring that they flag up the issue of human trafficking at least once a year.

2. PROvidE support

Churches in the network are committed to providing financial support to those on the front line. Furthermore they may even be in a position to provide care and pastoral support for survivors of trafficking. 

3. PRay

We believe passionately in the power of prayer. All of the churches in the network receive regular prayer bulletins that will help them to be praying effectively both locally and globally.

Pastor / contact name
Pastor / contact name

Network Members

Prince's Drive Baptist Church - Colwyn Bay, North WALES


EDEN Church - Penarth,
South Wales


Hill City Church - Trevethin,
South Wales


Vale Village Church - Wenvoe,
South Wales