4 men arrested on slavery charges in Cardiff

_75956168_traffickingmedium2At RED Community we pray for justice, both overseas and also locally. We do this because we believe that God loves justice and that He has charged us as His people to both contend and cry out for justice in our world. Therefore, every time we hear about justice being done, we are encouraged because God is being glorified and our prayers are being answered. So yesterday we were able to celebrate prayers being answered locally as reports surfaced about 4 men being arrested in Cardiff on suspected slavery charges. As you might expect these arrests have shocked the Cardiff community in which this alleged slavery was occurring. However, it serves to prove the point that slavery IS happening here in wales and we need to be both vigilant and prayerful.

You can find out more about yesterday's arrests here.

And you can join us to pray for freedom in our nation and world at our next prayer and Bible study evening.