Redemption Library

Red Library RED Community is passionate about raising awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery because we are convinced that one of the keys to stopping exploitation is to drag it out of the shadows and bring it into the light. It is this conviction that has prompted us to set up the Redemption Library. As the photo suggests, 'Library' is currently quite a grand term, but we hope that this will be just the start of a growing collection of trafficking-related resources.

The Redemption Library currently has 2 sections - a gospel section and a secular section. The gospel section consists of books, DVDs and audio teaching sessions that address the issue of human trafficking from a distinctly gospel-centred perspective. The secular section consists of fact books and biographies, along with various Hollywood films that can both educate, inform and raise awareness. (We are currently posting trailers for the various films on our Facebook page). There are also a couple of children's books that can be used for raising the issue of slavery and exploitation with youngsters in a sensitive way.

We are incredibly grateful to Highfields Church for providing us with a cupboard in which to store the library and we will be providing details of how to borrow from the Redemption Library in the coming days. We also hope to have a Library page here on the website in the near future.

We would also like to express our thanks to Catalydd for providing us with the funds to get the Library off the ground.