RED Community seeking charitable status

CCEW-logo-small This is a really short, but super-important post to announce that as of this week we have officially started the process of setting up RED Community as a charity. This is a huge step for a small team of Welsh abolitionists who started out as a prayer group less than 2 years ago.

The reason that we have taken this step is two-fold:

Firstly, we feel that to be as effective as we would like to be in both raising awareness and presenting an authentic gospel response to the issues of human trafficking and slavery in Wales, we need to set ourselves up as a more robust and credible outfit.

Secondly, as our influence and impact has started to spread (by God's grace) so have the opportunities that have opened up to us. These opportunities include a sizeable grant from Gwent police for the creation of a series of anti-trafficking films (including a full-length feature) and the offer of a building in Cardiff that could serve as an hub from which we can meet, pray, outreach and develop into an abolition centre for Wales. Naturally much of this requires a whole new level of fund-raising and management for RED Community.

We are hoping to get the ball well and truly rolling before Christmas, which involves identifying and recruiting suitable trustees. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.