Breaking the Chains of Slavery

One of the great joys and privileges of Red Community is connecting with other ministries who are passionate about tackling human trafficking. One of the ministries that we are most excited about is Safe From Slavery. Therefore we were delighted recently when they approached us about forging a closer and more strategic gospel partnership. Naturally we jumped at the chance. In light of this developing relationship I asked Safe From Slavery's Programme Director, Tyra Omeir, to write a few words about their wonderful recovery home, Naomi's House:

In 2014, Safe From Slavery broke ground in the UK by opening the first long-term recovery home for victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Our mission is to provide safe accommodation and a programme of restoration and reintegration to former victims of such abuse.

Naomi’s House exists to help women that were enslaved in the sex industry. The very heart of this ministry is to empower and help each resident to recognise their self-worth and dignity. Our aim is to provide various opportunities and services that encourage our residents to experience personal growth, holistic healing and moreover inspire each one to dream again.

Generally, the women coming into the programme present physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues, as well as a struggle withhaving balanced intrapersonal and interpersonal skills - most of these problems are direct effects of continuous abuse. Healing from the trauma of a trafficking experience and sexual exploitation is a unique, lengthy and painful process, and we consider it to be an honour to assist womenon their own journey towards healing and reintegration into society.

Soon, two of our residents will be graduating from the programme; a goal they set when they first came to us over a year ago, and an achievement we all celebrate. We are astonished and proud of their transformation and accomplishments.

We will welcome more women and will commit to help them change their lives and come to know that God has plans to give them hope and a future