Full Grown #REDalert

Really excited to launch the second of our three-part series of human trafficking films, Full Grown. This film is based on actual events that have occurred in Gwent (you can read more about those here and here). Full Grown seeks to raise awareness about criminal exploitation in Wales, focussing in on the trafficking of men from South East Asia for the purpose of cultivating cannabis crops for criminal gangs. (PLEASE NOTE: this film does include scenes of a violent nature).

Please do help us to raise awareness and spread the word about human trafficking in Wales by sharing this film as widely as possible on social media and by any other means. This coming Sunday (18th) is Anti-Slavery Day. This video is a great tool to help get the word out.

Human trafficking is happening in Wales right here, right now.


Full Grown is part of an exciting resource that we are developing called RED Alert which will be made available to high schools, colleges, churches and youth groups across Wales in the very near future. We are so grateful to Gwent Police for providing us with the funding for this project, and to TorFilm for creating such great films for us. (You can see the previous film, Escape, here).