Embrace Summer Update


Post by our Embrace Coordinator, Lauren:

Summer holidays are in full swing for the UK. Many of us are enjoying slower mornings, time at the sea, and evenings in the garden. Embrace continues to tick along this summer as well. There are currently 12 friendships blossoming in Cardiff and Newport. But as many of you know, these friendships are slightly unique and precious. They stretch beyond cultural and societal barriers. They smell of Jesus' love for the vulnerable. Each of these friendships are comprised of a Christian from the local area and a survivour of human trafficking. And each is a practical picture of God's heart.

Simultaneously, our sponsorship project continues to support survivors to buy appropriate clothing, course fees, household necessities, and transportation costs. Thousands of pounds have gone out and I can attest to the fact that each recipient is eternally thankful for a bit of extra help as they seek to rebuild their lives after trauma.

  • To those that have prayed for this project. Thank you.

  • To those that have befriended for this project. Thank you.

  • To those that have financially supported this project. Thank you.

But can I be so cheeky to ask for MORE support? We are desperate for quality befrienders to be matched to survivors. If you are interested, please do get in touch to see if this would be a good project for you to partner with. And we could use more money to continue to give generously. So if you have money you would be willing to donate, we would be really grateful.

We want to keep this project running, but we need befrienders and finances to do so!