Proverbs 7

At the heart of the evil sex-trafficking industry is the heart of men. The sex industry only exists because there is a demand for it, and the demand comes from men with twisted sexual appetites. However, few men who pay for sex start by visiting a prostitute. For the vast majority, the first step comes in the form of consuming pornography. Therefore, tackling the sexual exploitation of women needs to start long before the point of men paying for sex. Challenging men about their use of pornography is crucial because it's only when men are set free from their perverted lusts that women will be truly free. And only the gospel can do this!

Proverbs 7 is a fantastic chapter in the Bible that warns the "foolish" young man about the danger of going down the paths of perversion and fornication.

This short film is based on that Proverb. Watch it below and please do share it: