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Here it is guys - the first of our mini-series of short films aimed at raising awareness about human trafficking in Wales. This film called 'Escape' seeks to expose the issue of sex-trafficking - the vile sexual exploitation of vulnerable women, children and men for the purpose of financial gain. Sex trafficking is happening right here, right now in Wales. That's a shocking truth that we MUST make people aware of. This powerful short film is based on real events that have occurred in South Wales (read more about that here)

This film has been created to raise awareness, therefore please feel free to share this video as widely as you can on social media, blogs and websites. However, please also visit our RED Community landing page and JOIN THE RESISTANCE by signing up to our online community, and please encourage others to do the same. We are seeking to create a strong, strategic and growing movement of gospel-hearted abolitionists here in Wales who refuse to let human trafficking flourish in the shadows of our land.

This film was created by TorFilm and funded by money seized from criminals by Gwent Police.

Praise God - We've Just Been Granted £10K

WOW! We've just been informed that we have been successful in our application to receive a grant from Gwent Police's Proceeds of Crime fund.

Amazingly we have been awarded a staggering £10,000.

UnknownWe are going to use this incredible gift to fund a series of trafficking awareness films that we will make in partnership with TorFilm. Further details about what kind of films we hope to be making will be announced in due course.

However, work is already underway and suffice to say we are incredibly excited about this project and what is going to be happening over the coming months as we continue our mission to raise awareness about modern day slavery in Wales and beyond!

Please be praying for us and for the TorFilm team.