It’s our hope that these films have grabbed your attention and opened your eyes to the reality of human trafficking and the true scale of modern slavery, both globally and here in Wales. However, it’s one thing to be made aware of this injustice. It’s quite another to know what to do about it. 

So, now that your eyes are open, here are a few next step suggestions…

Open your Mouth

One of the main goals of RED ALERT is to raise awareness about human trafficking because the more people are made aware of it, the more light is going to shine in the darkness. Therefore - open your mouth. Use your voice to tell other people about trafficking and slavery. Chat about it, tweet about it, blog about it, rant about it! Get vocal. Be a voice for the voiceless. 

Furthermore, if you are aware of a situation that you suspect maybe connected to modern slavery or trafficking then please tell someone about it:


  • Emergency: 999
  • Non-emergency: 101
  • Modern Slavery Helpline (24/7): 0800 0121 700


Open your Wallet

There are some truly inspiring organisations out there who are grafting hard on the front line doing incredible stuff like rescue, rehabilitation, prevention and prosecution. However, work like this costs money - and that’s where you could help. Could you as an individual, as a group, or even as a school or college get stuck into some serious fundraising? If so, we have suggested a few organisations who would really value your support. These are available in the teachers pack and on our website. 

As you and others open your wallet you will be playing a crucial part in waging war against human trafficking.

Open your mind

If RED ALERT has in any way got your attention and inspired you to do something, then don’t let it drop. Instead - open your mind.

  • Why not get stuck into some further study to find out more about human trafficking and slavery?
  • You could get your creative juices flowing and write songs, poetry, music or drama in response to what you’ve learned.
  • Maybe you could even consider training for a future career in politics, law, or healthcare, all of which are crucial in the fight for freedom and justice.