Saved by a Tear

As a man who passionately believes that the key to effectively combatting sex-trafficking is to see breakthrough in the hearts of the men who create the demand for the vile industry to exist in the first place, I was strangely encouraged by this email that wife forwarded she had received from A21. I hope you will be too. Let's keep praying for the hearts of men to change!

Dear Friend,

One forbidden tear from Mariana was the tear that ultimately saved her life ...

Held captive by her trafficker and forced to work in a strip club, Mariana was damaged, broken, hopeless and overwhelmed with emotions. The pressure to be with so many men every day had become too much. While with one of those men, Mariana accidentally let a tear fall down her cheek.

Expecting to be scolded and punished, she was terrified. But instead, the man asked her softly, "Are you OK?" She replied, "No."

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The man's question was simple, but more importantly, his question tells me that there are men paying for sex who have no idea these girls are being drugged, abused and held captive. As immoral as the man paying for Mariana's services may have been, even he knew that a young girl being forced to sell herself against her will was WRONG!

That very night the man notified the police. They raided the club, and Mariana was brought to A21.

Girls like Mariana are exactly why A21 exists. Until modern-day slavery is abolished, there will always be another girl who needs our help. And it's your support that enables us to give her the attention and care she desperately needs.

We can't turn a deaf ear to the cries of the suffering or ignore the outcome of what could happen if we don't help.

Today, I'm asking you to care by giving a gift of $60, $200 or $1200.

Yes, you are giving money, but more than that you are giving healing, restoration, love, hope, joy, freedom and a future to a young girl.

For even one still enslaved, Christine Caine