2016 - the year in review

Well 2016 is almost over and WHAT a year it has been for Red Community. Here are 6 stand out moments from the year:


Thanks to a hugely generous £10,000 award from Gwent Police, coupled with the film-making skills of 2V Studios, we were delighted to launch the multimedia awareness raising resource, Red Alert, in March. The whole Red Alert suite is now available for free on our website. Furthermore, we have enough DVDs to make the resource available in every school and college in Wales. The films have already been used in schools and church events across Wales and we are delighted that a Schools Impact Worker, Abi, has volunteered to take Red Alert into High Schools in Cardiff.


In June we hosted our inaugural annual conference in Cardiff. Redemption Conference was a wonderful event, marked by unity, worship and passion to continue standing against human trafficking and modern slavery in Wales. We were served by a wide range of contributors representing ministries such as IJM, Safe From Slavery, Cymru Against Human Trafficking, Liberty and Red Community. You can check out the conference highlights reel below. Details for Redemption 2017 will be released in due course. 


In August a small team of us travelled to Holyhead to begin a 4 day journey from north to south Wales. The purpose? To raise awareness about human trafficking and raise financial support for IJM and AIM. The awareness raising took the form of 3 evening events that we organised en route in Barmouth, Merthyr Tydfil and Cardiff. The fund-raising involved online giving and collections. Incredibly we were able to raise £5,000. We thank God for blessing us with great banter and brotherhood and for keeping us safe as we travelled. Plans are currently being discussed for another ride in 2017.



In October we were honoured to be invited to host a Freedom Day event at the iconic Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay. The event proceeded by a Walk For Freedom (conjunction with A21), followed by a series of street dramas (organised by Red trustee, Ruth). The main event was a series of short presentations inside the Pierhead by representatives from Cardiff Council, Liberty, Red Community and a medical student seeking to raise awareness about trafficking amongst medical students in Cardiff. We were very grateful to AM Dai Lloyd for his help in organising Freedom Day. We hope to host similar events in the near future.


October also saw one of the most important milestones in the Red Community adventure thus far - after a great deal of effort and prayer we were finally granted charitable status by the Charity Commission. We currently have 6 trustees each of whom brings unique quality, passion and perspective to the team and we are extremely excited for what the next stage of driving this charity forwards. Our charity number is: 1169756. October was also the month that we opened a Red Community bank account.


In November we were delighted to launch Embrace - a project that equips the church to support survivors of trafficking and slavery through sponsorship, befriending and hosting. You can read more about Embrace here. We are particularly grateful to the delegates at this year's Word Alive event whose generosity has enabled us to employ our Embrace project coordinator, Lauren.

That's all folks! A huge and sincere thank you to all who have supported, encouraged and prayed for the ministry of Red Community over the last 12 months. Please do continue to stand with us as we step into 2017 with the continued vision of extending gospel hope to those in chains, both locally and globally.

Love Gives

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I am seriously impressed by what A21 have come up with to celebrate. Check it out: Love Gives


This Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a unique opportunity for you to personally encourage and uplift the survivors in our shelters. It’s as easy at 1, 2, 3!

  • Select a Valentine’s card to send to a survivor in our care
  • Select a gift amount that will go towards the rescue and rehabilitation of future survivors, immediate shelter, medical assistance and classes to gain full independence
  • Write a personalized note of encouragement they will open on Valentine’s Day

Our goal is clear: to rescue and restore as many lives as possible from the horror of human trafficking. We cannot accomplish this without your dedicated and continuous support.

As you give to friends and loved ones this Valentine's Day, consider giving love to our residents, allowing them to feel your support from across the globe. The survivors in our care have not only received love but also restored hope in a bright future.

So give the gift of love this Valentine’s Day, and as you do, know that not only are you giving love, you're giving the gift of hope and freedom. Love gives. It’s as simple as that.

Why not head over to the A21 site and do that right now?

Saved by a Tear

As a man who passionately believes that the key to effectively combatting sex-trafficking is to see breakthrough in the hearts of the men who create the demand for the vile industry to exist in the first place, I was strangely encouraged by this email that wife forwarded she had received from A21. I hope you will be too. Let's keep praying for the hearts of men to change!

Dear Friend,

One forbidden tear from Mariana was the tear that ultimately saved her life ...

Held captive by her trafficker and forced to work in a strip club, Mariana was damaged, broken, hopeless and overwhelmed with emotions. The pressure to be with so many men every day had become too much. While with one of those men, Mariana accidentally let a tear fall down her cheek.

Expecting to be scolded and punished, she was terrified. But instead, the man asked her softly, "Are you OK?" She replied, "No."

unnamed copy

The man's question was simple, but more importantly, his question tells me that there are men paying for sex who have no idea these girls are being drugged, abused and held captive. As immoral as the man paying for Mariana's services may have been, even he knew that a young girl being forced to sell herself against her will was WRONG!

That very night the man notified the police. They raided the club, and Mariana was brought to A21.

Girls like Mariana are exactly why A21 exists. Until modern-day slavery is abolished, there will always be another girl who needs our help. And it's your support that enables us to give her the attention and care she desperately needs.

We can't turn a deaf ear to the cries of the suffering or ignore the outcome of what could happen if we don't help.

Today, I'm asking you to care by giving a gift of $60, $200 or $1200.

Yes, you are giving money, but more than that you are giving healing, restoration, love, hope, joy, freedom and a future to a young girl.

For even one still enslaved, Christine Caine